Inspiration [for when there is none]

:: From the archives ::

How do you stay inspired? What motivates you? What happens if you get a creative block?

These were questions that arose during the afternoon ART407 class on Wednesday.


So how do you get out of a creative block? How do you find your muse?  There are SO MANY ways to do this and luckily our society today has tons of info at our finger tips. As ever, it’s up to us to curate what works and doesn’t work for us.

Just a side note…when this happens to me, I LOVE to sit down with magazines and cut out that which (visually) I like. Or I sketch. Or visit an art gallery. Or do a 1/2 day trip to D.C. to just change my scenery. And run and take walks. I read voraciously…and about anything: biographies, sci/fi, fiction, nonfiction, biology…anything goes! Because who knows where it’ll crop up in my work 1 year, 4, 5, 10 years from now. I also LOVE art supplies (like…almost obsessively) so I will pick out a new marker (ok, or 5) to work with and experiment with. Or to find some cool paper that I haven’t seen or worked with before. And the BIGGEST thing I do…is I allow myself to FAIL. Ok, so that one didn’t turn out so well…that’s ok! Grab the next sheet of paper (or open up that new document in Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign etc) and do another. And ANOTHER. Some will be rockin’…some may not be…it’s OK! Take the time to PLAY!!!  (check out Jessica Walsh’s stance on PLAY and about her design process).



Here are some links that help me with motivation/inspiration::

1. Frannerd!!


I showed this in class (informally) at the start of the term, but maybe now it would be a good time to review these 2 videos by Frannerd.

Her video on MOTIVIATION is HERE!

Her video on BEST ADVICE EVER is HERE!

Her video about HOW TO STAY ORGANIZED is HERE! (I get a lot of questions about this…so if you don’t have your “system” yet…check this one out.  She also gives TONS of resources from other vloggers.


2. Being Boss Podcast

Frannerd mentioned this in her vlog and I concur…it’s a GREAT spot for motivation/inspiration.  Link to BLOG/PODCAST HERE!

3. Debbie Millman Podcast

Can you tell I like podcasts? ( ** a lot! ** )

Design Matters. Millman hosts leaders and movers/shakers in the design world and interviews them. I mean..seriously! could these interviews not inspire?! They’re the creme de la creme of our design lives.  Link to PODCAST HERE!


4. Tips on finding Inspiration::

And there are GLOBS more articles on this subject…these are just a few to get you started. Read, read, read! Work through it! Find a new process! Get outside and take walk/run/swim/hike. Grab your camera and take photos of a trip to the downtown/Rocky Gap. Grab a notebook and list anything you want to list. Walk the mall. Set a timer. Visit a museum. Go to the library and look at (*gasp!*) analog (haha) design (ie: magazines and books). Buy a planner. Find your system.  Life has its ups and downs and we need to find our system of dealing with the creative block.


Be like Nike. Just do it!


~Prof. R.